Herzl in the City

9 Feb, 2019


This fabulously fun night brings the Jewish community together to support Herzl Camp and induct Richard Bachrach, Bruce Fink, Andy Halper, and Steve Heller into the Herzl Hall of Fame in the Class of 2019.


Join Chairs Missy and Bob Swiller on Saturday, November 16, 2019 at The View in the Minneapolis Event Center in St. Anthony Main, an open, airy, historic space located in an upscale neighborhood with attached parking.


The evening kicks off with dinner and drinks at 6:30 pm.  The program begins at 8 pm and our musical act takes the stage by 8:30 pm.  Following in our tradition of upbeat, fun, and friendly performers, we will feature PopRocks, a band who will play all your favorites from the last four decades!  


Your generosity makes camp possible for many campers!  Your support for this fun night provides scholarships, inclusion services, and program enhancements that make camp exciting, engaging, and accessible for all.


Sponsorships begin at $500 (Discounted to $200/$100 for friends under 35).  Click here for details.


Advance tickets are $50, prior to November 1; $75 after November 1.


For information on sponsoring or volunteering, contact us at 952-927-4002.
Katie Rosenberg, Event Manager
Holly Guncheon, Advancement Director
Jeff Usem, Advancement Officer



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BMO Harris Bank


LEAD Sponsors

The Ezrilov Family
Mike and Linda Fiterman
Mort and Merle Kane
Steve and Sheri Lear
Lurie, LLP:  Beth and Todd Leonard; Jane and Todd Lifson; Stacie and Jeff Usem
The Rum Fund
Scott and Hindy Tankenoff
Wells Fargo



Anonymous (2)
1973 Ozrim
Steve and Wendy Baldinger
Marty and Ginger Bell
Gary and Elaine Dachis
Samuel and Sylvia Kaplan Family Foundation
Reva Kibort
Bob and Joan Levine
Ken Brooks, Minnesota Bank and Trust
Dan Monson and Tim Peder, USI Insurance Services
Karin Einisman Phillips
Dean Phillips
Jim and Wendy Shear
Colin Smith and Wendy Lovell-Smith
Bobby and Missy Swiller
Joel and Sharon Waller
Danny and Dawn Zouber


GOLD Sponsors

Chuck and Yvonne Selcer


DIAMOND Sponsors

1972 Ozrim
Baratz Family Foundation
Melanie Barry
Gail and Jack Bernstein
Lisa Capp
Clifton Larson Allen
Jack and Amy Fiterman
Todd and Amy Geller
Howard and Heidi Gilbert
Dean Greenberg
Todd and Susan Gurstel
Terry and Mitzi Kane
Jimmy and Helain Pesis, Continental Diamond
Nancy and Kevin Rhein
Steve and Nancy Schachtman
Jeff and Janice Schachtman, Oakridge Financial
Dana Beth and David Weisman
Zamansky Professional Association


SILVER Sponsors

Stuart Ackerberg
Jon and Jenny Benowitz
Loren and Rosie Geller
Harold and Cindi Goldfine
Jon and Jill Halper
Ed and Lauren Hoffman
Tammie and Phil Rosenbloom
Lisa and John Simon



Debra and Alex Arbit
Pearl Berdass
Abby and Seth Bernstein
Justin and Meira Besikof
Bob Beugen and Joanne Ferraro
Stacy Pinck and Brad Birnberg
Bill and Gayleen Clark
Sharon Cohen
Ira Eisenstadt
Jake Fishman and Kim Lear
Anita Geller
Nancy and Jeff Getzkin
Jill and Steve Gottlieb
Jason and Jacy Grais
Bonnie and Steve Heller
Pam and Marc Kermisch
Gary and Stacy Kibort
Sharon and Marty Kieffer
Corey Kirshenbaum and Marcy Noodell
Steve and Mimi Klane
Allen and Diane Kuperman
Eric and Randi Lachter
Jessica and Michael Lasser
Darren and Lauren Lederfine
Steve and Laura Leventhal
Scott and Laurel Lifson/Bernick Lifson P.A.
David and Amy Mastbaum
Ann and Todd Miller
Jill and Jeff Mirviss
Parker, Daniels, Kibort, LLC
Richard and Susan Proman
Ken Raskin and Lynn Lederman
Keith and Judy Rosenblum
Lisa and Ben Rubin
Roz and Yoav Segal
Paul and Melissa Siegel
Jim and Joanne Smith
Danny and Jennifer Soshnik
Joel and Gail Tilsner
Sonia and Ron Ungerman
Jerry Waldman and Judi Belzer
Rabbi Aaron Weininger
Rory and Josh Zamansky
Brian Zelickson and Mary McCarthy


BRONZE Sponsors

Mike and Sally Abrams
Cassie & David Benowitz, The Block from Craft & Crew Hospitality
Miles and Linda Braufman
Ken Brimmer and Jaye Snyder
Naomi Heller and Shawn Bulgatz
Yoni and Deb Bundt
CBIZ, David Levi
Stuart Chazin and Lynn Blumenthal
Carole Davidson
Jason and Mollie Divine
Rabbi Avram Ettedgui and Linda Brody Ettedgui
Libby and Andy Finn
Phil and Phyllis Garon
Dan and Dori Gelfman
Lisa and Paul Gendler
Stuart Goldenberg and Rhonda Stein
Ilyse and Lonny Goldsmith
Holly and Kelly Guncheon
Josh and Laurie Hasko
Steve Kalin and Lisa Doty
Jennifer and Bob Kaplan
Mike Karlen, Minnesota Coaches
Jill and Les Korsh
Corey and Lisa Kotlarz
Marc and Julie Kozberg
Roger and Ellice Landy
Drea Lear and David Winter
Jimmy and Stephanie Levine
Tzivia and Joel Leviton
Lindsay and Dana Litman
Stacy and Dan Mosow
Myrna Orensten, Imaginality
Pam and Jon Passman
Michael Rabin and Wendy Ginsberg
Joshua and Ali Radin
Mark and Lisa Ratner
Sue and Geoff Roether
Sam and Rachel Rosen
Jodi and Scott Rubin
Joe and Marguerite Rubin
Mike and Polly Saxon, Inver Grove Ford Lincoln
Todd and Nicole Schachtman
Zhanna and Andy Schectman
Nancy and Mike Schoenberger
Tami and Jimmy Segal
Gabe Silverberg and Susan Wilkes
Susan Chalfen and Dan Silvers
Beckie Skelton and Shep Harris
Bonnie and Arthur Stein
Deb and Michael Stein
Craig and Nancy Stillman
Mindy and Jeff Stillman
Harriet Swatez
Howard and Debbie Toberman
Rachael and John Vegas
Michael and Erin Waldman
Randi Winston and Barry Wolfish
Debbie and Brent Wolfe
Drew and Natalie Zamansky


ATID Sponsors

Zander Abrams
Marissa Arnold
Rachel and Dan Canfield
Katie Cera
Charney Grone
Daniel Lear
Andrew and Allison Lifson
Todd Sandler
Amy Shapiro
Brian and Jennifer Shragg
Marissa and Jake Smith
Josh Usem
Ben Usem
Amy Toberman and Avi Goldstein
Nick and Leigh Zaban





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