Steeped in 60 years of tradition, Herzl’s staff-in-training program is a year-round leadership development program, which trains qualified Jewish youth to be skilled and caring Herzl staff and creates a close-knit kehilah (community) that is committed to serving campers, camp and the community during and beyond their Ozo year. Ozrim bring ruach and warmth to all areas of camp and create a spirit-filled environment for campers and staff.

The Ozo Program begins in Fall when applicants begin monthly online trainings which continue throughout the school year. After selection, a weekend training retreat is held at camp during the school year.

During the summer, Ozrim receive specialized training in all areas of camp including caring for campers as bunk counselors, teaching fun and skill-building activities in specialty areas, preparing and serving meals, assisting in the camp office, as well as caring for camp facilities and natural spaces. For the second half of the summer, Ozrim will select areas to focus on for additional training and experience.

At the end of the summer, Ozrim graduate from the program at a special all-camp ceremony and receive documentation for 280 community service/volunteer hours.


Selection Process

Step 1 – Interested high school juniors enroll in the Ozo process via the camper registration system in the Fall. Registrations must be complete on November 1, 2017. No late enrollments will be accepted.

Step 2 – In early winter, potential Ozrim who have enrolled in the program submit their qualifications. At that time, Herzl Camp will determine if an enrollee has met the program’s entry qualifications.

Step 3 – If there are more qualified applicants than there are spaces available, a lottery will be held for the available spaces.

Step 4 – Ozrim who accept a spot in the program sign and abide by the Ozo Agreement.

Entry Qualification Criteria

Between the Fall of their 9th grade year and January of their Junior year, Ozrim must complete the following criteria. Each item must be signed off on by the supervisor/employer using the Ozo Criteria Verification Sheet.  For a detailed explanation of the criteria, click here. Our recommendation is to begin your hours of childcare and responsible work during your freshman year.  This will leave the CPR and Jewish education requirements as your only responsibility for entrance into the Ozo Program that needs to be done during your Junior year.

This link provides dates and course details:  2019 Ozo Year-at-a-Glance.

  • Complete enrollment by registration deadline.
  • 25 hours in a group childcare setting.
  • 100 hours of responsible work experience (paid or volunteer).  *Note: 25 hours of required group childcare does not count toward this 100 hours.
  • Currently active in one school/religious group, club, or team
  • Currently participating in Jewish education (during Junior year)
  • Currently certified for CPR (Adult & Child), First Aid, and AED  *Note: Herzl Camp prefers applicants receive an American Red Cross (ARC) certification.
  • Complete one-on-one orientation meeting.
  • Complete and submit resume and personal essay
  • Successful completion of Herzl trainings.
    – Training Webinars
    – Online Training Videos
    – Other trainings if assigned
  • Attend Pre-Summer Ozo Overnight Retreat 
  • Good high school attendance
  • Exemplary behavior and maturity in past camp programs
  • Dismissal from any school, camp, or community program or activity after 8th grade will be carefully scrutinized and may preclude participation in the Ozo Program.


Should your child require modifications (i.e. IEP, 504 plan, etc), please contact us for an individual consultation.