To do list: Try new things, challenge myself…

22 Dec, 2016

By: Zach (2014 Teva Trek Camper)

Editor’s Note:
Teva Trek is a 3-week program for campers entering 10th and 11th grade that combines Herzl Camp traditions with outdoor adventure. 7th and 8th grade campers can add a 1-week Teva Adventure option to their 3-week camp experience to get a taste of Teva.  Click here for more about our Teva programs.


Going to camp this summer was not on my list. After lots of thinking, I decided to go back to camp for my seventh summer. I wanted to go to Teva Trek to challenge myself to do something new and different.
I’m terrified of heights and going to a ropes course with Teva helped me find the strength to overcome that. I didn’t know what to expect. When I saw what we were about to do, I backed down. It involved heights and going up this tall pole and a large structure. Everyone was telling me that I could do it. So, after a few minutes I finally decided to try it. I put on my harness and helmet. Before I went up, I told myself that I could make it to the top. I went step-by-step up the pole while everyone cheered me on. It took me a while to get to the top, but I did it. Then, we went to the other course which looked very difficult but I pushed myself to the top. After I completed both courses, I realized that I can do anything that I put my mind to.


Teva Trek is about trying new things and team building. Every day is a new day to try new things and do things in a different way. In my mind, Teva is the best program at Herzl Camp! Going to Gooseberry Falls by Lake Superior was quite the new experience – I wasn’t expecting to be cold at all. But the biggest part of Teva is the trip to Montana. Going for eight days and not showering at all while having the time of your life is an amazing feeling and moment to live in. Floating down the Missouri River with nature surrounding you was a unique experience for me. Just living in the moment and taking it all in while looking at something you’ve never seen before…It just doesn’t get any better than that.  I’m glad I got to spend my last summer as a camper in Teva Trek!

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