FACQs – Frequently Asked Covid/Camp Questions

6 Apr, 2020

These are uncertain times for all of us. At this time, we plan to run camp as scheduled. And just like schools, shuls, and every other organization, we are facing a fluid and uncertain summer. If we can safely run, we will. And if we can’t safely gather at camp, we will turn our focus to Summer 2021. Our commitment to you is to be transparent in our process and plans. There are many unknowns. We will keep you updated as decisions are made.

Here are some answers to some common questions:

Q: Is there a contingency plan for camp this summer if social distancing is still important in June?

A: Yes and no. Camp is not isolation. Some staff will always come and go (maintenance, kitchen, security). Camper programs come and go. Many procedures are being changed to limit viral spread but that wouldn’t be enough to meet the current “stay at home” orders. Changing start dates or program lengths to accommodate a later start is a contingency we are planning for now.

Q: If camp goes forward, what things are going to be different?

Many operational things will be different. Arrival screenings will be more thorough – temperatures taken, potentially testing required but that is dependent on easily accessible testing which is not a reality at this time.

Q: I was going to register my Taster. Should I do that or wait until we know if camp is happening?

Yes! Become a Herzl Camper now. If camp is postponed to 2021, we’ll offer a full refund including the deposit.  

Q: Is there a date that you’ll know if camp is a go or not?

No. We are regulated by the Wisconsin State Health Department. They will provide direction but we do not know when that will come. We will update you as we know or just let you know that no decision has been made. 

Q: I’ve paid for camp already. What happens if camp is postponed to 2021?

We are modifying our cancellation policy now to address this unprecedented situation. We will offer you a few options: a full refund, rolling forward to 2021 tuition, or turn some or all of your tuition into a donation. The Covid-19 relief bill just passed offers some incentives to donate in 2020 that weren’t available last year. The choice will be yours. That said, to keep camp in position to run in 2021, we will need your support – rolling forward tuition to next year or making a donation ensures that Herzl Camp survives this pandemic.

Q: My camper has some immunodeficiency health concerns. Should they come to camp?

This will be a decision for you, your doctors, and our Medical Director. Currently, we believe some types of health concerns will be a cause to stay home in 2020, barring rapid progress in treatments or prevention.

Q: If camp is cancelled, will Family Camp happen? How about Aggadah Camp?

Good question. These August and Fall programs will go forward if social distancing is eased by that time. 


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