Herzl Heroes

28 Mar, 2017

By Camper Demi Fine


When someone asks you to think of your favorite super heroes, who comes to mind? Most people would say Superman, Spiderman, Batman, etc yet I have someone else in mind; Herzl camp counselors. Yes I know what you’re thinking, how could an ordinary teenager possibly be someone’s superhero? Trust me on this one, it’s possible.


I have gone to camp for 4 years now. My first year of camp, I knew about 4 girls and absolutely nothing about camp. Walking into the Ulam on the first day was so overwhelming and scary, yet so comforting to see everyone’s smiling faces. My staff members knew how hard it can be to be a first year camper, and they were so great to me and always getting me to get out of my comfort zone. On the last night of camp they made a whole chart with our contact information to stay in touch until next year. Every year I have came back to camp, it makes me so happy to see those heroes- oops I mean counselors from my first year.


In my second year of camp, my counselors were just as amazing as the first year, if not better! When I came home that summer, my friends and I even went to lunch with one of my counselors. We would also text each other every single time one of our counselors or ozos liked our Instagram pictures or texted us back, we felt like we were famous.


My third year at camp, was the an even greater experience.Instead of waiting for a staff member to talk to me as I had in the previous years, I walked up and started the conversation myself. My staff was, hands down, the best in all of camp. I am only hoping that I can become someone else’s super hero, since I have learned from the best. Leaving camp that year was devastating; I couldn’t get out one word without tears spilling down my face.These counselors had become my family, my role models, my super heroes, and now I had to leave them. To this day, I am still in touch with all of my counselors, the sisters I always wanted to look up to and I still get excited when I get those notifications that my counselor liked (and commented) on my Instagram picture, or when my ozos send me goofy selfies on Snapchat.


This past year, was my Kadimah summer, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Kadimah summer comes with many new responsibilities, friends, and opportunities and this is the year that many campers think they don’t really need their staff as much. This summer I learned so many things from my staff members, probably more than anything I’ve ever learned in school. One of those lessons was that every single staff member in your program, no matter boy or girl is your staff member. Climbing the Kadimah wall definitely taught me that lesson very well. I was extremely nervous and didn’t even think I could climb the wall. It took about 7 different counselors and 2 program directors to make it happen, but I finally worked up enough courage to do it.


Now as I sit at home counting down the days until my final summer as a camper, I constantly connect with my counselors. From facetiming to snapchatting, you name it, we do it! Technology plays a huge role in this relationship, but could never get in the way of it. And believe me when I say this, but I’m not the only who thinks so highly of their staff members. Just ask any camper whose heart starts beating out of their chest coming up the dirt road for another beautiful summer on Devil’s Lake.

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