What did camp give to you? Friendships? A spouse? Confidence? Ruach? Joy? You can give those things to campers today, tomorrow and forever. Include Herzl Camp in your will or as a beneficiary in your 401k plan or insurance policies and you can ensure that campers always gather around our campfires.

While creating a planned gift can create tax advantages for your loved ones, the real benefit is the legacy you create for yourself and your family. It’s a statement about the things that you cared about that will provide comfort and guidance to your loved ones and add to the blessings of your memory.

Planned giving can be simple and straightforward, for example, naming a specific amount or percentage of your assets to be donated in your will or retirement plan. It can also be a sophisticated tool that can minimize your children’s taxes or your taxes while you are living.

If you’d like to talk about including Herzl Camp in your plans, call Holly Guncheon at 952-927-4002 or email her. One thing to remember – it’s best to use our full legal name and tax ID in your official documents: Herzl Camp Foundation, 83-0506393


Herzl Camp is participating in the It’s Your Legacy Program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.