Since 1946, Herzl Camp has taken a great deal of pride in its staff. Spending a summer as a Herzl Camp staff member is incomparable to any other experience. Many of our staff are former campers who are inspired to return and provide that experience to the next generation of campers. We hire the best, and together we create an unforgettable experience, and cherished community that lasts far beyond Webster, WI.

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Herzl Camp staff have a profound impact on our campers. It is a demanding job that requires exceptional responsibility and care. It’s also one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have!

Too often working at a summer camp is misunderstood as just a fun thing to do in the summer, and less valuable than a “real job” or internship. Working at Herzl Camp is very much a real job…You will gain marketable skills and hands-on experience as a leader, collaborator and critical thinker that will set you apart from other candidates when you go for that “real job.”


  • You are genuinely dedicated to providing the best possible summer for our Herzl Camp community.
  • You lead by example as a positive role model, with kindness, compassion, enthusiasm, patience, and maturity.
  • You love children and want to play a role in developing their self-confidence and independence.
  • You make appropriate decisions concerning the well-being of children.
  • You can identify problems that need to be solved as they arise, and seek out additional support when needed.
  • You always prioritize campers while using safety, respect, and inclusion as guiding principles.
  • You subscribe to the philosophy that at camp, children and adults can be their goofy, shticky, true self.
  • You find the fun in even the most mundane moments.



Programmatic Team

Counselors live in the cabin with the campers and are responsible for their overall well-being. Counselors work everyday to develop positive relationships with each individual camper – and help them create lifelong friendships, unforgettable memories, and develop a commitment and love for Judaism and Israel. Our counselors lead cabin programming and create moments of Herzl magic that foster a feeling of belonging and community.

Specialists provide instruction in an activity area where they have knowledge and experience. Sometimes they live in a cabin with campers, and also participate in some cabin activities. Specialists provide creative, fun and interactive ways for campers to learn, grow and develop new skills. From athletes to artists to lifeguards to chefs and more, specialists provide a nurturing environment for our campers to experience teamwork, creativity, and boost their confidence.

Program Supervisors (RKs) are typically seasoned camp veterans who are responsible for leading a division of campers and managing the staff assigned to work in their group. This role requires leadership, maturity, responsibility, creativity and critical thinking. Program Supervisors are directly responsible for managing the overall experience for their campers and coaching their counselors through the successes and challenges of the summer.


Operational/Support Team

Kitchen staff are responsible for the preparation of three nutritious and delicious meals each day. Kitchen staff work in food preparation, cooking, and cleaning. You should have a positive, “can do it” attitude, be hard working, and a team player.

Housekeeping/cleaning staff attends to the cleanliness of camp’s common areas on a daily basis, ensuring that camp remains clean and well-maintained. This team will also be responsible for doing camper laundry. This role requires you to be detail oriented, hard working, and be a team player.

Maintenance staff ensure the property is safe, clean, and in good condition – overseeing repairs, being responsible for garbage disposal, and other basic and proactive upkeep of the property. You should be a hard working, a team player, and be able to life 50 lbs.

Medical Team staff are compassionate, warm and nurturing medical professionals working to ensure the physical health and well-being of everyone in our camp community.

Security staff assist in keeping camp safe and secure by facilitating and following safety and security protocols. As part of the security staff, you will take ownership over tasks including the main gate, grounds patrol, asset protection, as well as observing and communicating all security issues/opportunities to the Herzl Camp leadership team. You should have strong communication skills, an ability to walk long distances, and diffuse difficult situations.

Drivers provide transportation for staff off property as needed for days-off and other trips. You should be punctual, have a valid driver’s license, and preferably with a background driving trucks or buses.

Office staff coordinate communication, scheduling, and operate Chanut (camp store) on a daily basis. These staff answer the telephone, organize incoming and outgoing mail and packages, and a mountain of other administrative tasks. You should have excellent communication and basic computer skills.



Our summer season lasts 8-10 weeks depending on position, and is scheduled to coincide with most school calendars.

  • Operational Team Arrival (Kitchen, Maintenance, Housekeeping): Sunday, June 2 or Sunday, June 9
  • Supervisory Staff Training: Thursday, June 6 – Tuesday June 11
  • All Staff Training: Tuesday, June 11 – Sunday, June 16
  • Opening Day! Sunday, June 16
  • Last Day of Camp: Tuesday, August 6
  • Family Camp: Thursday, August 8 – Sunday, August 11



Application: Each candidate must complete the online staff application. The application contains general information questions, employment history, questions regarding your skills, and short answer questions.

References: A reference is someone who can answer questions about your work history, skills, abilities, attitude, and work style. Choose your references with care. What they say can make a big difference. Remember to ask/contact your reference prior to including their contact information on your application.  Family members are not acceptable references.

Two names of references are required from all new applicants and returning staff who have been away from camp for more than a year.  Returning staff are not required to include references with their application.

Examples of good references
School: teacher, guidance counselor, advisor
Professional: supervisor at work or as a volunteer, mentor
Character: rabbi, youth director, coach

Interview: Within 2 weeks of submitting your application, you will be contacted to schedule an interview.. Interviews are available on zoom, or in person if candidates live in the Twin Cities.

Job Offer: Offers will be made by December 31, 2023 to applicants who apply prior to December 1. Following this date, hiring will continue on a rolling basis; those who apply earlier will have access to more positions.

Contract: Staff contracts will be delivered via email shortly after a job offer has been made. Contracts must be reviewed, signed and returned within two weeks of receipt.

Hire Forms: All hire forms, except for your contract, are online in your CampInTouch account. To find the forms, log in to your account and select the “Forms and Documents” link. Be sure to review which forms are required based on your job and geographical location. Completed forms must be submitted by May 1, 2024.


Operational staff arrive on June 3 or 10 depending on your individual contract.
Programmatic supervisory staff arrive on June 6.
All other programmatic staff arrive on June 11.

Report the dates of your conflict as soon as you have them so they can be recorded on your contract and arrangements can be made to cover your absence. Your pay will be prorated (adjusted down) to reflect the number of days you are absent from camp.

Paychecks are distributed at the conclusion of each session (3 total).  Camp does not have cash on site to cash your check or provide an advance on your salary.

We have washers and dryers at camp for staff to user during their free period or on a day-off.

You may drive to camp or get dropped off.

Staff traveling domestically from outside the Twin Cities should arrange to arrive at Minneapolis/St. Paul International airport on or before the first day of training.

Staff who need assistance will transportation to camp from the Twin Cities or from MSP airport should contact the camp office.
To offset the expense of travel, we will reimburse up to $500 to domestic staff traveling to camp from outside the Twin Cities.

International Staff traveling from outside North America will coordinate travel arrangements and reimbursements with their sponsoring agency.

Click here to see a suggested packing list for a 2-week camper.

Please submit copies of applicable certifications (CPR/First Aid, WSI, Boating, other) prior to your arrival at camp so they can be included in your employee file.

Counselors and some specialists will live in a cabin with 10-14 campers and co-staff.  Leadership, supervisory and operational staff live in staff housing.


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