Not every family can go to Israel so we bring Israel to camp! Like all of camp, our Israel Education program is a vibrant camper-led program that is simple but effective. Herzl Camp brings Israeli teens to participate side-by-side with their American peers – sharing cabins and canoes while building friendships that bridge the ocean and ignite the campers’ passion for Israel. Once Israel is connected to the face of a friend, campers are eager to learn more.

Each summer, we bring 8 – 12 eighth graders from the Sderot region of Israel to participate in our Habonim program, during the last three weeks of camp. Some of our Sderot campers who participated as 8th graders also return to camp for their 10th grade summer (B’yachad summer).

Jewish campers are 55% more likely to care about Israel than non-campers and 80% of young American Jews feel little or no connection to Israel. Those statistics make our Israeli camper program vitally important to maintaining a strong connection between Israel and American Jews.

This program is fully funded by generous donation from Herzl friends who care deeply about connecting the next generation to Israel.

To learn more about this program, watch this video made by one group of Israeli Campers, sharing their thoughts about the experience.