July 18, 2019

18 Jul, 2019

Last night, the most beautiful, spontaneous, meaningful moment happened. I was on a “walk & talk” with a staff member when we past the Mercaz, our outdoor prayer space overlooking the lake. The sight of the moon took our breath away. An almost full moon…against a clear sky…reflected on a peaceful Devils Lake. Although we took a moment to appreciate it individually, we knew it was too good not to share.

So I got on my walkie talkie and radio’d the B’yachad RK’s (roshei k’vutza or group leaders). I had a feeling our oldest campers would appreciate the experience.

And so they came. Out of the quiet of camp. To the Mercaz. As one large group. The Yachers gathered together under the beauty of the natural world. I knew that camp was doing something right when the campers broke out into “Mah Rabu“, a prayer we sing on Friday nights to acknowledge moments of radical amazement experienced throughout the week. The k’vutza (group) then sang the “Moon Song” – nightly song mainly sung by female-identified cabins until recently – and ended with the shema.

It’s moments like this where I believe, in my heart of hearts, in the power of camp. A full moon sighting that brings about community, organic participation in Jewish ritual & tradition, acknowledgement of awe & wonder, and appreciation of the surroundings.

Wow. Just wow

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