Your support for camp matters – now more than ever… to the kid who couldn’t get on the bus without a scholarship, to the campers feeling the joy of Israeli dancing on Saturday night, to campers safe in their bunks watched over by the 24/7 security you provide, to the campers who need emotional support and coaching to succeed at camp.

When we closed camp last summer to protect the health and safety of our community, it was a real possibility that Herzl Camp might close without your help.

Now we have good news:  We are 100% confident that we can reopen and safely run camp in 2021.  We’ve carefully assessed the results and strategies from camps that ran in 2020 and created a Covid-conscious approach to camp for next year. It will look a little different but it will feel like the Herzl Camp we know and love.

Finding our way back to camp wasn’t a given…Sadly, some camps have closed for good. But your generosity has cleared the way for Herzl. Because of you, buses will roll into camp in 2021.

We are so grateful for your support. Camp would not have made it through without you.