Join Herzl in the City’s SchmoozeFest and get every child to camp!


You create a joyful, schmooze-filled summer for hundreds of young people when you donate to the Herzl in the City fundraising drive!

Your sponsorship goes directly to camp scholarships, key security upgrades, and expanding our Israeli Camper program to bring 24 campers and Ozrim from Sderot and surrounding communities this summer. It is 13th summer of this unique experiential education program and it’s never been more important–for both our American and Israeli campers. Click here to hear directly from Israeli dad about what this program means to his family. You are the reason his child can “just be a kid” at camp this summer!

We’ll close the drive on May 18 and celebrate what we accomplish when we come together for the campers with SchmoozeFest 2024!

Join chairs Revital and Michael Furman, for a night of schmoozing and schtick! While we’re schmoozing, meet new Herzl staff! Grab a beer with your buddies, new and old, at the Beerkurim Beer Garden! Sing a camp song duet with beloved Rosh Shira Flip Frisch by the fire. Taste a twist on your favorite camp foods! Games, swag and more! All during one fun night of schtick and celebration surrounded by long-time and brand-new friends who love Jewish camp.

Join us on Saturday, May 18 at 8 pm CT at Oak Ridge Country Club!
All donations include entry for up to 3 Schmoozers. Want to bring more Schmoozers? Let us know.

New and increased gifts are MATCHED by BMO Harris Bank, our Matching Sponsor for the 9th year running!


Choose your level and click here to donate today!


Supporter Underwriter Presenter Benefactor
$54 $360 $1,800 $5,000
$100 $500 $2,500 $10,000
$250 $1,000 $3,600 $18,000


Attention Bubies, Zaydies and Grandparents by any name!

Be sure to click the box on the donation page to join the Grandparents Gratitude Circle! Your donation is dedicated to growing our Israeli camper program for this summer. GGC Members are marked with an * on the list below.

Want to chat? So do we!

Holly Guncheon, 763-464-3632
Katie Rosenberg, 612-710-6636


Thank you to our Generous Sponsors!

Matching Sponsor

BMO Harris Bank

$25,000 Level

Lisa Capp
Cindi and Harold Goldfine
Kim Lear and Jake Fishman
Ann B. and Thomas L. Friedman Family Foundation
Merle and Mort Kane
Sheri and Steve Lear
Minneapolis Jewish Federation

$18,000 Level

Debra and Alex Arbit
Linda and Mike Fiterman

$10,000 Level

Gail and Jack Bernstein
Dacotah Bank
Samuel and Sylvia Kaplan Foundation, Jill Chessen, and Kerri Lehmann
Wendy and Jim Shear

$7,500 Level

Cathy and Richard Broms
Caren Page and Bruce Fink, Nancy and Neil Fink
Lenny Jonas
Barbara Anderson and Irv Kessler
Sheila and Steve Lieberman
Noah Rubin
Alyson Silver and Ben Weiss, Andrea Silver Champaloux and Steven Champaloux & Anita Lurye Silver
Cindy and Perry Witkin

$5,000 Level

Wendy and Steve Baldinger
Gayleen and Bill Clark
Elaine and Gary Dachis
The Ezrilov Family
Deb Oberman and Mark Gittleman
Jason and Jacy Grais
Mitzi and Terry Kane
Gail and Steve Machov
Esta Miller
Annalise and Dean Phillips
Karin Einisman Phillips
Nancy and Kevin Rhein
Jennifer and Josh Riff
Sari and Larry Rosen, Abbey and Rudy Rosen, Mollie and Mike Berenbom, and Shayla Rosen
Missy and Bobby Swiller
Rachael and John Vegas
Beth Weinblatt
Wilf Family Foundations
Dawn and Danny Zouber

$3,600 Level

Nina and Bryan Badzin
Pearl Berdass
Amy and Jack Fiterman
Revital and Michael Furman
Heidi and Howard Gilbert
Helain and Jimmy Pesis
Roz and Yoav Segal
Yvonne and Chuck Selcer
Robyn and Erik Wetter

$2,500 Level

Andi and Floyd Adelman
Bobbi and Bob Aronson
Baratz Family Foundation
Melanie Barry
Mollie and Mike Berenbom
Andrew Freeman
Amy and Todd Geller
Rosie and Loren Geller
Nancy and Jeff Getzkin
Philip and Sheril Gilberstadt
Bonnie and Steve Heller
Randi and Eric Lachter
Jessica and Michael Lasser
Beth and Todd Leonard
Jorie and Robby Malk
Ann and Todd Miller
Gail and Howie Milstein
Mindy and Dan Ribnick
Sam Rosen
Nancy and Steve Schachtman
Judi Belzer and Jerry Waldman, Sue and Geoff Roether, Erin and Michael Waldman
Dana Beth and David Weisman

$1,800 Level

Kim Wolson and Norman Abramson
Katie and JR Berger
Abbi Rose and Michael Blum
Bonnie and Herb Buchbinder
Brad Cohn
Mika and Louis Cohn
Jack and Pella Fingersh
Andy and Libby Finn
Sharon Makowsky and Stephen Flug
Jeremy and Kara Frank
Jonathan and Kristen Goldberg
Ilyse and Lonny Goldsmith
Rachel Krantz and Edward Goldstein
Jill and Steve Gottlieb
Kim and Tommy Hoffman
Lauren and Ed Hoffman
Mollie Ketroser Greenberg and Ethan Greenberg & Jane Ketroser
Reva Kibort
Melissa and David Kieffer
Sharon and Marty Kieffer
Mimi and Steve Klane
Jill, Les, Shayna, and Michael Korsh
Joan and Bob Levine
Debbie and Gil Mann
Alana and Harry Matthew
Andrew and Jill (Zeldin) Miller
Minnesota Jewish Community Foundation
Diane and Jon Rappaport
Lisa and Mark Ratner
Gwynn and Tom Rosen
Gail Bender Satz and Mark Satz
Tami and Jimmy Segal
Jan Nemer and Paz Sela
Susan Chalfen and Daniel Silvers
Lisa and John Simon
Joanne and Jim Smith
Jennifer and Danny Soshnik
Nancy and Craig Stillman
The Sugerman Family
Jan and Rob Swartz
Gail and Joel Tilsner
Rory and Josh Zamansky
Mary McCarthy and Brian Zelickson

$1,000 Level

Mark and Elaine Adelman
Kim Wolson and Norman Abramson
Ichak and Nurit Adizes
Doug Baldinger and Emily Page-Baldinger
Etta and Mike Barry
Jane and Steve Benowitz
Jon and Jenny Benowitz
Merilyn and Loren Berenbom
Karen and Bob Berman
Joanne Ferraro and Bob Beugen
Betsy and Barry Birnberg
Jacki and Mike Borofsky
Wendy and E.J. Clyman
Tracy and Dan Cosentino
Mollie and Jason Divine
Sheri Fine and Dale Engquist
Laurie and Jason Epstein
Jeannie and Steve Gilfix
Linda Gilfix
Seth and Leah Goldberg
Holly and Kelly Guncheon
Andy and Judy Halper
Marc and Debbie Hasko
Kimberly and Ross Herman
Jesse and Cym Kibort, Parker Daniels Kibort LLC
Julie and Marc Kozberg
Reida Lazer-Chein
Steve Leventhal
Stephanie and Jimmy Levine
Marnie and Jordan Marmet
Scott Marvy
Oak Ridge Financial
Myrna Orensten
Dan Parsow
Jacki Paster
Marty Pesis and Jenny Ermer
Susan and Richard Proman
Lynn Lederman and Ken Raskin
Allison, Dean, Abigail & Will Rosen
Judy and Keith Rosenblum
Paula and Howard Roston
Lisa and Ben Rubin
Steve and Wendy Rubin
Traci and Jon Saliterman
Sheva and Tom Sanders
Janice and Jeff Schachtman
Nancy and Michael Schoenberger
Jan Nemer and Paz Sela
Wendy and Marty Shragg
Susan Wilkes and Gabe Silverberg
Joanne and Michael Silverman
Laurie and Tom Smith
Bonnie and Arthur Stein
Sheryl and Josh Stein
Ayelet and Ari Sterenson
Andy and Jodie Weinstein
Stephanie and Matt Weiss
Drea Lear and David Winter
Annie and Victor Wishna
Ellie and Mark Wolpert
Erin and Skylar Werde
Kathy and Howard Zack
Amy and David Zaroff
Lynn and Ron Zamansky

$750 Level

Lynn Blumenthal and Stuart Chazin
Continental Diamond
Jessica and Zach Freeman
Neili and Michael Glotter
Jessica and Jeremy Graff
Rabbi Jennifer and Michael Hartman
Barbara and Earl Hoffman
Danya Kornblum and Aidan Shafton
Jill and Rich Minn
Katie and Eli Rosenberg
Harriet Swatez
Howard and Debbie Toberman
Barry Wolfish and Randi Winston

$500 Level

Mollie and Sid Bader
Abbey and Seth Baker
Penny Stillman Bank and Alan Bank
Linda and Paul Benenson
Cassie and David Benowitz
Yoni and Deb Bundt
Amanda and Andrew Calof
Rachel and Dan Canfield
Laura and Scott Condon
Scott Dorman
Andrew Dresdner
Rebecca and Michael Epstein
Linda Brody Ettedgui and Rabbi Avram Ettedgui
Aimee and Noah Feldman
Stacy and Steve Finkelstein
Lisa and Andy Furman
Elissa and Igor Furman
Anita Geller
Roni and Alan Gingold
Cheryl and David Goldenberg
Aaron and Michelle Goldstein
Kay and Bruce Goldstein
Charlie and Dina Goodman
Shelley Kornblum and Mickey Greenberg
Beckie Skelton and Shep Harris
Nancy and Bob Hartman
Rachael and David Hoffman
Margaret and Stan Jaffy
Sara Grimaldi and David Jurisz
Ken and Sharon Kadet
Jeanne and Stan Kagin
Tobi and Martin Kalish
Cindy and Doug Kanter
Judy and Orrie Kessel
Stacy and Gary Kibort
Mary Beth and Phil Kibort
Hillary and Bill Kiefer
Sharon and Jeff Kirshenbaum
Tammi and Elliot Lazarus
Amy and Dan Lear
Danny and Ari Leonard & Family
Loyd Moldow Family
Pamela and Tom Meyers
Stacy and Dan Mosow
Elizabeth and David Nirenstein
Jill and David Orbuch
Jim and Esther Paletz
Tammie and Phil Rosenbloom
Polly and Mike Saxon
Sara and Josh Schulman
Nikki and Dan Shapiro
ABCDE Shefren
Rose and Dan Sloven
Betsy and Michael Soshnik
Tom and Liba Stillman
Stacie and Jeff Usem
David Weil
Julie and Brian Weisberg
Janet and Darryl Weivoda
Zack Zaban
Natalie and Drew Zamansky
Shirley and Larry Zipkin

$360 Level

Joyce and David Abramson
Judy and Harvey Arbit
Bob Belzer
Vonnie and Jeff Berc
Heather and Kevin Besikof
Shussie and Allen Blumenthal
Jon Braufman
Baree Nottberg and Scott Buchbinder
Naomi Heller and Shawn Bulgatz
Lois and Ron Butwin
Carole Davidson
Jamie and Joshua Diamond
Lois and Dale Dobrin
Brad and Emily Frank
Cindy and Craig Greenberg
Rena Harold and Linda Loewenstein
Hasko Family
Jory Herman
Lindsay and Blake Holden
Stacy and Greg Horwitz
Jon Kahn and Nina Woldenberg
Jonathan Kanter
Judy and Eli Kimel
Michelle Horovitz and Adam Klarfeld
Joey and Danny Kristal
Josh Levine
Barb and Steve Liebo
Allison and Andrew Lifson
Jane and Todd Lifson Family
Noah, Jodi, Isaac, and Zoe Lipschultz
Lindsay and Dana Litman
Rollie and Ben Marcovitch
Illana and David Mauser
Candice and Chuck Nadler
Jill and Jeff Rabinovitz
Jody and Fred Rappaport
Marissa and Jake Smith
Jenny Javitch and Alon Ventura
Melissa Weiner and Jason Wilsey

$250 Level

Sheri and Steve Abrams
Abby and Seth Bernstein
Steffanie and Brad Chazin
Holly and Jon Brod Farber
Margie and Michael Earhart
Penny and Bob Galinson
Kim and Aaron Gelperin
David Getzkin
Michelle and Judd Gilats
Hannah Gilfix
Molly, Marc, Sophia and Hazel Gurny
Aaron and Jenny Hage
Johanna and Danny Hyman
Susie and Bruce Kane
Roger and Ellice Landy
Paula and Marshall Lehman
Emily Silber and Danny Mann
Audra and Loren Mintz
Heidi Winer and Mort Naiman
Marni and Gal Noyman
Leslie and Daniel Pesis
Emily and David Price
Casey and Adam Reiter
Dan and Elana Rosen
Sheryl and Billie Rosenberg
Samantha and Brian Rosenberg
Lisa and Richard Rotenberg
Cari and Ariel Waitz
Amy and Dan Weiss
Alaine and Howard Wilensky
Marcia Willing
Nick and Leigh Zaban

$180 Level

Laura and Danny Abrams
The Arnstein Family
Kerry and Scott Bader
Jason, Charlotte, and Hannah Bass
Lara and Brad Benenson
Leah Solo and Brian Bender
Sam and Jacki Block
Beth Shapiro and Scott Boscapomi
Andrea Chazin
Mindy and Daniel Chiat
Alexis Kessler and Brian Cook
Danny and Andrea Dobrin
Laura and Chris Engelbret
Roni and Michael Falck
Amy and Derek Gale
The Goldberg Family
Sherri and Jay Gould
Grossman Family
Heilicher Jewish Day School
Joey Hoffman and Lily Hoffman
Lisa Doty and Steve Kalin
Kaori Yamada and Andrew Karsh
Laura and Brad Liszt
Julie and Scott London
Joe and Marguerite Rubin
Amanda and Greg Simpson
Rachel and David Sosland
Lynn and Mark Usem
Jerry Woldorsky & Mary Jellison
Josh and Dana Youman
Julie and Scot Ziessman
Teri and Barry Zoss

$100 Level

Sara, Andrew and Jonah Azorsky
Jeff and Heidi Baill
Rachel and Justin Baratz
Robyn Bass
Nate Bear
Jeff Benenson
Loretta Blue
The Budda Family
Julie and David Burton
Katie Cera
Stephen Cohen
Ilene and Edward Engle
Mike Fine
Bernice and Mike Frisch
Dori and Danny Gelfman
Charles Gershman
Noah Goldsmith
Hannah and Scott Golob
Rabbi Justin and Sarah Held
Rabbi Bill and Dena Horn
Kaplan Insurance Agency
Nikki and Zach Leonard
Doron Levin
Jamie and Michael Lipshutz
Diane and Jeff Lovich
Libby and Enrique Parker
Rocky Pollack
Cory and Dana Provus
Claudia and Mark Richmond
Rollye and Chuck Rinkey
Masha Romer
Nancy Rosenberg
Peter Shanedling and Rachel Ratner
Asaf Segal
Marc and Shira Shapiro
Pennie Shapiro
Rebecca and Thomas Shiah
Esther and Stewart Stein
Scott Steinberg
Adam Stillman
Emma Nadler and Christopher Thomson
Leigh and David Waterman
Jessica and Jeffrey Wax
The Williams Family
Scott and Shira Zigler
Stefanie and Jeff Zoss
Tommy Zoss

$54 Level

Arnie Applebaum
Alisa Badiner
Abbe Blacker
Marc Bonk
Braaten Family
Sol Brandys
Anna Creeron
Alyssa Estreen
Andrea Golden and Joshua Fineblum
Jane Shark Frisch
Zach Geller
Debbie and Mickey Gensler
Joanne and Robert Gillman
Melissa and Howard Grodnick
Charney Grone
Steve and Melissa Grossman
Sam Herman
Mindy and Brad Horwitz
Rachel and Brad Ingber
Ben Jolson
Libby and Benjie Kaplan
Danielle and Evan Kaufmann
Chad and Sari Kay and Family
Rebekah Lear
Polly Lehman
Drew and Carly Levine
Caryn London
Lisa and Chris Mottla
Shana and Kevin Mullen
Jessica Nemer
Jill Oleisky
Bob Oleisky
Catherine Orkin and Craig Oskow
Ricky Popowitz
Leslie Engle and Tim Roddy
Lindsey and Jason Rose
Sloane Rosenberg
Courtney and Ryan Rosoff
Judie and Mike Rothschild
Charles and Kori Savitt
Dana Scott
Jason Sigal
Anna Simon
Elie Simon
Braden Spencer
Robin and Henry Stein
Ozo Larry Stein
Alex Stewart
Carol Woodward



Thank you to all our supporters!  This list is updated as of May 17, 2024