June 19, 2019

19 Jun, 2019

June 19, 2019


It’s a big day here! Our new Tayelet and Waterfront were in use for the first time!  Yesterday’s instructional sessions led to our first sailboat boat outings and our first-ever waterskiing!  Stories to come!


Last night, we had our first evening programs. Each night there is evening program, a fun activity for the whole age group. Noar (4th & 5th grade) did a scavenger hunt so they could get to know the camp space better – for many in Noar, it is their first time at camp.  Ha’atid’s (5th & 6th grade) program helped them get to know their counselors better. Tzofim’s (7th & 8th grade) program helped them get to know each other better.


We are getting into the swing of things here – we’ve shared 5 meals together now and in camp time, that’s a lifetime! Noar and our other first-time campers are starting to pick up our versions of the motzi and birkat (the blessings before and after the meals). Torans (cabin waiters) are starting to know the mealtime ropes too – learning to clear, wipe tables, and sweep up after.


These first days are critical to establishing routine. Routine provides comfort and gives campers a foundation from which they can stretch their wings and try new things!  It eases home sickness and increases confidence. Many times camp looks chaotic from the outside but the structure, ritual, and routine are foundational to the craziness.


Speaking of routine, happy to blog with you for the second day in a row – looking forward to sharing more with you tomorrow!

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