New app for camp communications

3 Jun, 2019

We send parents A LOT of information. Logistics, camp updates, requests for forms, registration reminders, lost and found notices…OH MY!

This summer, we are streamlining our communication through the Remind app. Originally developed for schools, Remind makes it easy to share bit-sized information with you. Our goal is to create a non-invasive bridge between your camper’s summer experience and you.

Here’s what we will be sharing via Remind throughout your child’s session:
– Reminders about upcoming camp deadlines/events
– Snippets of unit-specific and camp-wide life (videos, photos, etc)

Here’s what we won’t be sending via Remind:
– Any information that needs a response from you (that will still go to your email, but we’ll give you a heads up!)
– Personal information about your specific camper

And finally, here’s why we are excited about Remind:
– It works across all platforms & operating systems (Android, iPhone, etc)
– You get to decide how you want the messages to come through – via text, email, or directly from the app
– It’s instantaneous and will allow us to share meaningful information more regularly

All parents & guardians will receive an email from camp on Monday, May 6th with your link to download the Remind app. We can’t wait to start sharing with you!

Shabbat Shalom.

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