Overnight camps help develop independence and self-reliance. Campers have a summer full of fun and come home with new skills and confidence. They discover new abilities and interests they never knew they had.

Jewish camp weaves Jewish values, culture, and traditions into the fabric of camp, helping campers to connect to their own identity and the larger Jewish community. Experiential learning reveals what makes Jewish religion and culture so unique in today’s world. At camp, Jewish and Israeli culture is celebrated through song, food, art, and dance. Camp makes Judaism fun and exciting.

Campers return home connected to a community and friends that will last a lifetime. And it doesn’t stop there. Children with pivotal Jewish camp experiences are more likely to become adults who value their Jewish heritage, support Jewish causes, and take on leadership roles in their communities.  National studies have shown over and over again that Jewish camping contributes to leading an engaged Jewish life decades after camp ends.

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