From the Camp Clipboard: B’yachad Makes Up for Lost Summer

Hannah Gilfix, Tzrif Life Coordinator


Last week, B’yachad had the opportunity to experience a few traditions that they would have experienced in Kadimah last year.  We wanted to be sure they still got a chance to be a part of these important milestones. 

They went on the canoe trip where they had a chance to get to know each other even better, participated in all-B’yachad bonding programs, and put together a B’yachad show! Since B’yachad didn’t get a chance to do the Kadimah play, it was important that they still had the chance to put on a show for all of camp. 

During their trip, they split into groups and each put together a skit about what Herzl Camp would be like in a different universe (Herzl in the Year 3000, Herzl as a theater camp, etc.). The show was such a hit with the rest of camp that we plan to turn a B’yachad show into a new yearly tradition. 

Going into the summer, we knew that Covid would temporarily alter some of our camp traditions. And as we’ve discovered in other parts of our lives, sometimes we find that a Covid-pivot becomes a tradition that we want to keep!

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