From the Camp Clipboard: IT’S AN ANNOUCEMENT!

Gary Kibort, Executive Director


How great it is to make this ANNOUNCEMENT!!! So great that I will risk being tossed in the lake in order to use that word!

ANNOUNCEMENT!  Camp is currently Covid-free!  Thank you to all the parents, campers, and staff who carefully followed our Covid-mitigation strategy.  We would not be at this joyful moment if we had not all worked together and trusted each other.  I am so grateful to all.

Returning to this community and the sense of normalcy that we’ve created here at camp has been a blessing to us all.  We look forward to a full return to a typical summer next year with longer programs, visitors day, out of camp activities like community service and the return of our Israeli campers from Sderot, Israel.  We celebrate our return and still miss our long-held traditions.

Now we begin scaling back some of our mitigation measures.  Campers and staff will enjoy a little more togetherness and all-camp activities will feel more like a typical summer.  Certainly we can’t and won’t let our guard down, but we can enjoy these moments immersed in this beautiful Jewish community.

Again, I am so grateful to all who have made this possible – our donors and volunteers, our staff and our camper families.  Together, we are Herzl!

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