From the Camp Clipboard: Unique Challenges Bring Growth Opportunities

We have lots to be proud of and excited about – chugim are going great, kids are immersed in camp life, and the staff are wonderful! We are also still working through some of the kinks after being away from camp for a summer (oh, and running camp during a global pandemic!).

The past few days have been challenging as we navigate meals this summer. Lots of moving pieces like serving in two dining areas and a staff new to the kitchen this summer have left us missing the mark a bit. Our leadership team has put their heads together and made important changes over the past 24 hours. The health and safety of our campers & staff is priority #1, and we are looking forward to adding additional support and implementing new procedures.

I’m incredibly proud of our team’s creativity and ability to navigate all kinds of situations. I’m off to our Thursday night cookout now to see how we’re doing!

Sending love and ruach,


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