June 20 – Herzl Magic, Amein!

20 Jun, 2022

A post from Josh Levine, Herzl Camp’s Executive Director…


I just experienced the famous Herzl Magic for the first time.

After a beautiful Shabbat Caravan, a time for prayer overlooking Devils Lake, and a delicious Friday night dinner, the Summer 2022 staff enjoyed its first Shabbat song session together. Song session at Herzl Camp traditionally ends with singing T’filat Haderech – the Traveler’s Prayer. It doesn’t just conclude the Herzl song session – it is its crescendo.

As that final song began, staff members who had grown up together at Herzl Camp linked arms with others, like me, who are beginning their Herzl journeys this summer. Singing the exquisite melody written by Herzl Camp alum Debbie Friedman, our staff shared a blessing for those embarking upon a journey:

May we be blessed as we go on our way.
May we be guided in peace.
May we be blessed with health and joy.
May this be our blessing, amein.
Amein, amein, may this be our blessing, amein.

May we be sheltered by the wings of peace.
May we be kept in safety and in love.
May grace and compassion find their way to every soul.
May this be our blessing, amen.
Amein, amein, may this be our blessing, amein.

As their individual voices formed a chorus, each “amein” soared higher and higher. Their voices lifted each other. They began to unite, providing them a glimpse of their power to raise up the Herzl Camp community. Together, they created a transcendent moment – one of many we’ll experience in various settings at Herzl Camp this summer.

It was awesome to experience. It gave me goosebumps. It was, in a word, magical.

The talented, loving, hilarious, and incredibly dedicated staff are the “Herzl magicians” who will guide, shelter, and bless the campers in our collective care. They themselves will be blessed by the experience. I’m excited for their growth that will come from taking care of the next generation of Herzlites.

Just as the staff have started their summer journeys, our campers are now beginning to gather from far and wide to embark upon their own Herzl Camp 2022 experiences. May all of them and all of us be blessed as we go on our way. May this be our blessing, amein!


  • David Gilman says:

    June 20, 2022, at 10:14 am

    I am so happy you are continuing your journey in another magical place! I am certain that the ruach runs deep at Devil’s Lake. I hope to find a chance to catch up soon. All the best! Cheers, David

  • Lois Butwin says:

    June 20, 2022, at 10:14 am

    Welcome to your first official Herzl summer- everything about everyone’s experience is magical.at Herzl! Enjoy it all! Lois Butwin ( an “old” alum )

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