June 20 – The Campers are Here!

21 Jun, 2022

The Campers are HERE!!!  After a long wait, camp is overflowing with ruach once again!  Campers spent the day meeting their cabinmates and staff, getting the layout of camp to find the Haks (showerhouses), the Marp (health center), the Chadar and Pavi (indoor and outdoor dining halls), and all the other important spots. Policy shtick was shticky and the swim test was welcome on this nearly-100 degree day!

We closed the night with our tradition of Opening Bonfire at Ner Howie. This time together as a full camp gives us an opportunity to set the tone for their time at camp. Each bonfire, we recognize talk about how as the wood burns, the smoke fills the air and our senses with the ruach (spirit) of this particular summer, and the ashes create the foundation upon which future bonfires are built – it is the past, present and future all in one moment. Each camper and staff person takes a moment to consider their kavanah (intention) for this summer. Each k’vutza picks one camper to represent them and put that hope/wish/plan into the fire where it burns and becomes part of camp forever.

Spending time together telling stories under the stars by the campfire is truly timeless. A brief rain storm while we were all tucked into our bunks brought some welcome relief to the temperature and Summer 2022 is off to a great start!


  • Alise says:

    June 21, 2022, at 10:48 am

    Love the notes of kavanah Into the fire merging all of camp together as a starting place! Such a great start!

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