Week 1 is almost done!

Kadimah is off to a great start. Cabin groups have been getting to know each other and setting up cabin rules and agreements. The full program had a “get-to-know your staff” program on Wednesday night where staff shared about their colleges and majors and Kadimaniks asked tons of questions. It’s a great way to get to know each other and make connections as they start thinking of what comes next after high school! In another evening program, they ripped up their “cool cards” – a key step in coming together as a Kehilah! On Thursday, Kadimaniks buddied up with Tasters for Mini-Bikkurim, giving the Tasters a little taste of the real thing. We’ve begun practicing for our canoe trip and learned to flip a canoe. The Kadimah play this year is Frozen – tryouts were this week and rehearsals have started. On Wednesday, we choreographed “Let it Go” – we’ll be singing it all summer!!!

Specialty Campers
This smaller session is giving our Specialty Campers lots of hands-on time in their chugim! Rotating through sports, waterfront, creators and mitbach is giving the campers a taste of all areas of camp. We welcomed professional ultimate players Sam and Shira from the Windchill and the Strike on Thursday for an exhibition game and skills work. The hot weather has made the waterfront a top choice for our campers and we’ve spent lots of thrilling time tubing together during chugim and in our tzrif times.

Six days is just not enough with these first-time campers! It’s been an action packed week with Mini Bikkurim, practicing the Taste dance and rotating through all areas of camp! We’ve tackled the climbing wall, spent time at the waterfront, made cookies in Mickey’s Mitbach, and so much more. Our cabin groups are getting to know each other and camp with kitchen “raids,” Taste Olympics, shaving cream fights, and hot-weather camp favorites like “Drip, Drip, Drop!” We are so excited to introduce campers to a Herzl Shabbat!

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