Welcoming Danya back to camp!

30 Nov, 2022

I am delighted to introduce the newest member of the Herzl Camp year-round staff: Danya Kornblum, who will beour Director of Camp Life & Culture. In this senior leadership role, Danya will be responsible for overseeing our summer counseling staff, the unit heads who lead those teams, and the aspects of camp that support campers’ wellness and care. Danya will work closely with families throughout the year, developing close relationships with parents and leading our efforts to best serve our campers’ needs. In all these efforts, Danya will be instrumental in advancing a strong Herzl culture that fosters community, creativity, service, and spirit/ruach.

In searching for the first person to join a reconfigured Herzl year-round team, we sought someone who has a deep passion for Jewish camp, who shares Herzl’s values, who is professional yet down-to-earth, who is able to coach and mentor others, who is committed to the highest standards of camper care, and who will be dedicated to working collaboratively with all of you to ensure that the Herzl Camp experience is the very best it can be. In my conversations with Danya, I have been impressed by her thoughtfulness, collaborative spirit, and heartfelt dedication to celebrating and strengthening what makes Herzl so special.

Since graduating from the University of Kansas, Danya has devoted her career to the Jewish community. A longtime senior leader of the Minnesota Jewish Community Center, Danya served most recently as the JCC’s Chief Operating Officer and previously was its Chief Programming Officer and Director of Youth and Camping. Throughout her career, Danya has advanced a customer-centered vision and created innovative programming, all in service of community. We feel blessed that Danya has decided to bring her talents to Herzl for her next chapter.

I look forward to your getting to know Danya when she begins in January. With the team we are putting in place, I am excited about what’s to come for our beloved camp – I hope you are, too. Summer 2023 is less than 200 days away! More to come – stay tuned!

Herzl L’Tamid,

Josh Levine, Executive Director


We are so excited to welcome Danya Kornblum back to camp. Danya’s professional life was launched at Herzl as a longtimesummer staff member and a beloved “Mama Ozo.”

“Herzl Camp made a tremendous impact on my life many years ago as a camper and staff member,” said Danya. “The experiences I had at Herzl directly influenced my life-long commitment to the Jewish community and my work for the Minnesota JCC. I credit camp with laying the foundation for my professional skills – most notably how to pivot seamlessly, think creatively, build consensus and focus my work through a lens of fostering community.”

“Herzl Camp has always been in my mind and heart. I’ve always believed that camp is a gift for children and staff, and plays a significant role in establishing the importance of living a life filled with meaning and purpose. Until now, I’ve watched from afar as a proud Herzl alum. I am honored to join the Herzl team, and together, do the critical work of developing, mentoring and guiding the next generation of Jewish leaders for our community.”

Join us in extending a warm “Welcome home!” to Danya!


  • Holly Guncheon says:

    November 30, 2022, at 11:12 am

    Sure is! Danya is Shelley's daughter

  • Brian Lecker says:

    November 30, 2022, at 11:12 am

    Related to Shelly Kornblum?

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